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     NET REALTY SERVICES is a full service vacation ownerhsip resale company with corporate offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We are a registered real estate company with the State of Florida and qualified to operate in this capacity by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Our management includes a Florida licensed real estate broker, who oversees every aspect of the business. Our sales are conducted in compliance with all laws and regulations as mandated by the State of Florida.

     NET REALTY SERVICES utilizes the services of a Florida licensed title insurance company to act as the closing agent on all sales. All buyer funds are deposited in an escrow account which is under the scrutiny of the State of Florida. Every buyer is issued a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price to ensure that title is clear of all encumbrances or possible defects in the title.

     NET REALTY SERVICES remains totally involved in each and every sale from the original offer, to the sales contract, through the closing process by the title insurance company and ultimately to the issuance and recording of the deed where applicable. We are proud to say that we remain in continuous contact with buyers and sellers to answer all questions they may have regarding the sale and the closing process. We are also available at all times to help buyers with post-closing concerns and questions such as options available for use of the week, exchange company relationships, renting the week and general resort related questions.

     Unlike other resale companies that may accept general seller listings, regardless of resort location, NET REALTY SERVICES only sells at resorts for which they have entered into a sales agreement with the resort to sell Association owned inventory or have received Board of Director approval to conduct a resale program for the benefit of the owners….and in most cases, both. This enables us to become well versed in all aspects of the resort, allowing us to answer any and all questions relating to the resort, including its operations, both physically and financially. We also have direct access to information about the resort that can assist us in locating a specific unit or week that may be desired, even if it is not listed for sale.

     Beginning with a resale program in 1994 at only one resort, NET REALTY SERVICES now is operating resale programs at numerous Florida vacation ownerhsip resorts. As we grow and expand, our programs continue to bring a much needed ethical and professional approach for the vacation ownerhsip industry.

     Please continue to the About Us page to find out a little more about our history and how we arrived at this exciting point in our existence.

Richard M. Schwartz
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Net Realty Services
Richard M. Schwartz, Licensed Real Estate Broker,
909 Breakers Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304
(561) 451-2503

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