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     NET REALTY SERVICES had its beginning in 1980 as a vacation ownerhsip management company. While the developer was selling their first vacation ownerhsip resort, we were there to assist with the sales operations, prepare budgets, establish accounting policies, maintain the physical property, assist new owners to understand the benefits available to them with their new vacation ownerhsip ownership, develop rental strategies and help set the groundwork for this new industry during its infancy stages.

     In 1989, a new task confronted us, as we began to see the need to resell vacation ownerhsip weeks, for both owners and the resort Association. Without a way to recycle these weeks, the Association may experience financial issues relating to non performing inventory. With only minor experience in sales or marketing, we chose to hire an independent real estate broker to assist. After a short time with some limited success, we decided to take this function in house and created a resale division within our management company. Our NET REALTY SERVICES founder, Richard M. Schwartz obtained his real estate broker’s license and began handling all resale listings and inquiries. Although he remained totally involved in all the other aspects of managing the resort, he was still able to find the success in the resale division that he was looking for.

     As the management portion of the business grew, the resale division continued to bring their formula for success to other resorts. In 2007, the decision to discontinue the management portion of the business was made, and with other commitments in place, Richard Schwartz continued the resale portion by himself until 2011. In 2011, having obtained additional sales agreements with other vacation ownerhsip resorts, the resale division was expanded into a full service resale company with added sales personnel.

     Seeing an immediate increase in sales, NET REALTY SERVICES began focusing its attention on an expanded business model which included the creation of a website and increasing the number of sales agreements with other vacation ownerhsip resorts. As the vacation ownerhsip industry has grown in other segments of travel, NET REALTY SERVICES has also grown by providing onsite as well as offsite sales presentations to vacation ownerhsip owners and non-owners, outlining different travel options which are now available.

     NET REALTY SERVICES is very excited about this time in their history and is looking forward to using their successful vacation ownerhsip resale program to help Associations and owners at other resorts, bringing a professional, ethical and honest approach to vacation ownerhsip resales in an industry that most definitely can use more of this.

Net Realty Services
Richard M. Schwartz, Licensed Real Estate Broker
950 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Suite 1007
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 451-2503

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