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1. 1/25/13-My wife and I saw two April weeks listed in one of the Units for Sale sheets. Bryan relayed our offers to the sellers. There were some back and for negotiations with both sellers. Bryan responded to our e-mails and phone calls promptly. The closing process was thoroughly explained to us. Both closings went smoothly. There was no pressure. This was our second time working with Richard and Bryan. They were friendly and professional. DC-Buyer

2. 1/26/13-This is the second purchase I have made with the able assistance of Richard and Brian Schwartz dba/Net Realty Services. They have done an outstanding job on both occasions. I would not hesitate to use them again and to recommend them. HK-Buyer

3. 2/1/13-Wow! i am so happy i purchased my first time share in a timely manner. with the help of net realty services. thank you so much!!! i am very Happy!!!! MB-Buyer

4. 2/6/13-Everything was perfect. PB-Buyer

5. 3/28/13-It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Bryan Schwartz. His knowledge and experience helped to make this a very easy and enjoyable transaction. I would recommend his services in a New York second. JC-Buyer

6. 4/4/13-Brian and Richard are true professionals and take great pride in providing outstanding customer service. Net Realty Services is a pleasure to do business with and a company I highly recommend. RS-Seller

7. 4/4/13-Very pleased with sale of timeshare. Thank you! SR-Seller

8. 4/16/13-Everything went smoothly. Explanations were concise and to the point. Transaction went according to the time lime and Closing was quick and easy. SO-Seller

9. 5/4/13-Excellent experience, beautiful beach friendly people. LN-Buyer

10. 7/17/13-We have bought and sold timeshares through Richard & Bryan Schwartz from our home in the UK and have always found them to provide an excellent & efficient service. Nothing is too much trouble. We have just closed on the sale of 2 weeks and the process has been stress free! CD-Seller

11. 8/28/13-Not only recommend you, I'm going to be your representative in Canada, because I'm advising my friends to buy timeshare from you. Keep going with good service and the resorts in good conditions. Best regards. GR-Buyer

12. 10/21/13-Brian has been a first class person to deal with. He has been a pleasure to work with and has been very thorough. i would highly recommend his service. WG-Seller

13. 10/22/13-Richard Schwartz thank you for your professional, courteous, and timely service. JS-Seller

14. 11/11/13-Up to now the services of Net Realty for me have been impeccable! JB-Seller

15. 11/11/13-Bryan rocks! BT-Buyer

16. 11/11/13-Considering that we are in England and our dealings were in US everything went fairly smoothly .Thank you. AI-Seller

17. 11/16/13-This transaction was one of the smoothest I have ever been involved with. JV -Buyer

18. 12/15/13-Had no problems, everything went very smoothly. CC-Seller

19. 1/19/14-Even we are "Overseas" it was a pleasure to see how easy going we sold our week! FB-Seller

20. 1/25/14-Easy to do business with you! FJ-Buyer

21. 1/27/14-I visited another resort in the Summer. I inquired about the Cypress Orlando Resort. Bryan was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. The price was right, for the property. Closing we easy and seamless. PH-Buyer

22. 1/27/2014-No problems with the service provided. JS-Buyer

23. 1/27/2014-Thank you for selling our week at berkshire by the ocean. It was very easy with you handling all paper work. Thanks. LS-Seller

24. 2/4/2014-Impeccable services! JB-Seller

25. 2/5/2014-Both Richard and Brian were extremely helpful and professional with their service to us. We would highly recommend their business and will put them first on our list for any future real estate purchases or sales. Thank You Both for your friendliness and help. GC-Buyer

26. 2/7/2014-Brian was very helpful in negotiating both of our transactions. MB-Buyer

27. 2/8/2014-Very pleased with the overall experience. Can't wait to visit my timeshare along with many other locations in the future! DB-Buyer

28. 2/12/2014-I have been an owner for around 10 years. The staff and the Schwartz's are the best! BM-Seller

29. 2/20/2014-Our experience with Net Realty and Berkshire On The Ocean is just beginning. Our purchase process went very smoothly and Bryan Schwartz was very competent and courteous. We look forward to our first season's stay coming up soon and anticipate a well cared for and well managed property based on the personal care we have received already. CT-Buyer

30. 2/22/2014-Bryan and everyone else involved were very nice. I was confident that everything was being handle with the utmost professionalism. I was comfortable with all aspects of the purchase of the timeshare and I look forward to working with them again in the future. I would highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing or selling their timeshare. SS-Buyer

31. 2/22/2014-I have been more than pleased with the excellent and professional services that were provided to us. I will never hesitate to recommend Bryan to my friends. Bryan is a very reliable person who promptly respond and follow up on any clarification or questions. MC-Buyer

32. 3/27/2014-I answered this survey before but I never gave Bryan G. Schwartz the credit he deserves. Bryan went above and beyond what we ever expected. We are very particular and we had a very specific request. Bryan did not have to put in the amount of effort he did to help us get what we were requesting. We no longer have to wonder whether we will be offered a rental with this specific unit because Bryan helped us purchase our own week. We cannot express the gratitude we feel. Thank you Bryan, you made this dream come true! SP-Buyer

33. 3/27/2014-Living in Michigan and buying in Florida was something I thought might be difficult without taking a trip and sitting in an office signing papers. Richard made the whole process of providing information, negotiating, and then eventually buying our timeshares so easy!!! I look forward to buying more weeks from him when they are available! AB-Buyer

34. 4/13/2014-Always a pleasure working with Bryan. He is a true professional focused on his customers and exceeding their needs and expectations. RS-Buyer

35. 4/15/2014-Job well done. GS-Buyer

36. 4/15/2014-The process of purchasing 2 weeks was a breeze from start to finish. EV-Buyer

37. 4/17/2014-Your agent Richard Schwartz did a fine job of completing the sale of our time share. We did not have one problem in completing the sale. Thank you. JK-Seller

38. 4/27/2014-My purchase experience with Net Realty Services was quick and easy. I spoke with Bryan on several occasions and I could not have asked for more helpful, efficient responses. Thank you! KL-Buyer

39. 4/28/2014-A great experience..... very knowledgeable, and very timely communication. Everything went so smooth. Now trying to get my son to buy one too. BP-Buyer

40. 5/1/2014-My timeshare was sold within a reasonable time, for a satisfactory amount. P.s. Please let me know if you are aware of a company similar to yours located in Nevada. NS-Seller

41. 5/15/2014-Great overall experience. Looked after the interests of all parties. MA-Buyer

42. 6/4/2014-The sale of the timeshare went very smoothly, no hassles. One down, one to go. MM-Seller

43. 6/15/2014-I believe your services should include instructions on the best way for the purchaser to pay the seller so that we don't have to wait over 3 mos for payment if drawn on a Canadian Bank. Holding in escrow a cheque for that period of time is totally unreasonable. Purchaser could buy a money order in U S funds should solve the problem. DF-Seller

44. 6/15/2014-It´s very easy to deal with Net realty services. FJ-Buyer

45. 6/16/2014-Very professional and did a great job of setting expectations up front. ER-Seller

46. 7/23/2014-The whole purchase process went very smoothly. Thanks. GE-Buyer

47. 8/20/2014-With the market recovering, it was a slow start, but once the interest started flowing, the transaction was very smooth. Thank you for you professionalism in working with us. JH-Seller

48. 8/26/2014-After exploring other means of selling our time share, I was grateful to find Net Realty Services. The Schwartz Team took care of every detail and closed the deal. At each turn there was prompt and efficient response and action. My wife and I are so thankful. Blessings!!! JR-Seller

49. 8/29/2014-Bryan did a great job. Thanks. DP-Seller

50. 11/15/2014-I found your services to be very easy, thorough, complete, and yet relaxed with no pressure. You certainly know and respect the little gem on the ocean. RF-Buyer

51. 12/12/2014-Although we were very happy with Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort, it became necessary for us to sell our timeshare (medical reasons). The Board's decision to use the services of Net Realty was an excellent one. As out-of-state residents, it made it extremely convenient for us. From our first contact with the agency through the completion of the sale of our week, both Richard and Brian Schwartz were pleasant and professional. We enthusiastically recommend using them. FS-Seller

52. 12/17/2014-I had attempted to sell this timeshare a couple of times on my own with no success. I have paid a company to sell my timeshare, and I'm sure we all know how that turned out. I listed this timeshare with Net Realty, and within 2 months of listing, they had a buyer, and within 2 months of that, the whole transaction was closed. This timeshare served my family well, but I was not interested in leaving this timeshare for my children as part of 'my legacy'. I am so very pleased with the services that Net Realty provided to me, and would recommend that anyone interested in selling a timeshare at one of the resorts they service do not hesitate to contact them! DB-Seller

53. 12/18/2014-SATISFIED. RW-Seller

54. 12/27/2014-We were surprised how quickly the sale was completed. With additional 'overseas' expenses it would have been better if the agency's fees were deducted after the legal costs had been paid. Still happy overall with the sale. DA-Seller

55. 1/7/2015-This is the second unit that we purchase at the Hollywood Sands and the purchasing experience was just as smooth, easy and professional as the first. Bryan Schwartz is the best and he always keeps us abreast of every step of the process. The Hollywood Sands is an older bldg. but very well kept and has an excellent friendly and accommodating staff. We are looking forward to our first stay in our new unit. Thank you to Net Realty Services! Rfamily-Buyer

56. 1/13/2015-Thank you for a wonderful experience buying our first timeshare in Delray Beach Fl. Our entire involvement with Net Realty has been rewarding and pleasant. Our agent, Bryan, has been a great resource to the Delray area and the resorts that we have been exploring. Our purchase of the units and the transfers have been seamless. We will be glad to work with Net Realty again. JB-Buyer

57. 1/29/2015-It was a pleasure to again work with Net Realty to purchase our timeshare at Berkshire on the Ocean. Bryan was honest and cooperative with our concerns. We would certainly recommend Net Realty to anyone planning to purchase a timeshare in Delray Beach Florida. JB-Buyer

58. 2/3/2015-It was a pleasure working with Brian, very helpful and knows his job well. JM-Buyer

59. 2/4/2015-Timely excellent service. BG-Buyer

60. 2/5/2015-The service was as good as could be expected. FS-Seller

61. 2/10/2015-Outstanding promptness in returning telephone calls and e-mails. JW-Buyer

62. 3/12/2015-Thank you for a wonderful experience purchasing our timeshare in Delray Beach FL. Net Realty was an excellent company to deal with during this process and we would recommend them to our friends. Bryan, our agent, was so knowledgeable about the resort and the details of our purchase. He was always there to answer questions and returned our calls promptly. We would certainly use Net Realty in the future. JB-Buyer

63. 3/14/2015-I appreciated Net Reality Services in selling my time share. They were able to do what I tried to do on my own and exceeded my expectation of my net proceeds from the sell. JS-Seller

64. 4/1/2015-Thank you for the ease and professionalism provided during this transaction. Peace of mind, trust, and courtesy too. Anonymous-Buyer

65. 4/3/2015-No problems encountered. You have done an excellent job. CG-Seller

66. 4/15/2015-We would use this service again. EF-Buyer

67. 5/4/2015- We thought it would take months if not years to sell our Ft. Lauderdale timeshare, but in just a few weeks we had a buyer. It took just over a month from contract to closing...amazing! We have heard horror stories about scams and rip-offs in the timeshare world, but since this company was recommended by our resort we were far less skeptical. After the quick turn around and ease of sending and receiving paperwork we are very impressed and recommend Net Realty without hesitation. Truly a top-notch company. KE-Seller

68. 5/6/2015-I was very satisfied with your services Very easy and fast process. IR-Seller

69. 5/24/15- I heard about these timesharing through friends here in Canada. Very satisfied with the explanations of Mr. Richard Schwartz. All my questions were answered and the e-mails returned promptly. It is always nice to deal with competent and very polite people like the Schwartz family. HA-Purchaser

70. 5/28/15-Services a bit expensive, but excellent. VS-Seller

71. 5/30/15-Services provided by "Net Realty" were timely, professional and yet personable and accommodating in all aspects of helping with the sale of our time share weeks. Mr. Schwartz fulfilled all of the above, setting a friendly tone, and ease in relating. Other available time share sell services are seemingly and outwardly set to take advantage of the seller right from the start (ie., poor contract terms, not professional, hard relating, dubious guarantees, etc.) We have like time shares (for a sell service) in the Berkshires, MA, and would be pleased to use Net Realty Services, if at all possible, for this end. AL-Seller

72. 6/17/15-I was so pleased to find that Net Realty Services had a contract with my resort to list and sell owners time shares. My husband and I bought our time share in 1993. We enjoyed our ownership for many years. When my husband died from Alzheimer's in 2011, I thought of selling my unit, but was apprehensive of listing it with just any time share sales company. I would highly recommend Net Realty Services. All of the paper work was handled quickly and any questions that I had were answered by return email. Selling my time share was actually a very pleasant experience!!! GH-Seller

73. 6/17/15- Our first time share was purchased privately, an "after-sale", over ten years ago. It was an arduous process back then since we had two attorneys, one in Wisconsin, where we reside, and one in Florida. With this offer and eventual purchase, we were referred to Net Realty and had a much smoother and much less costly experience. We took great comfort in dealing with a company that we had complete trust. GP-Buyer

74. 6/18/15-It was a pleasure to again work with Net Realty Services and Bryan Schwartz. The entire purchase of our timeshare was done with great efficiency. Bryan has always given us the best advice in handling our transactions and we hope to work with his company in the future. JB-Buyer

75. 6/19/15-Having been very skeptical and cautious regarding selling our timeshare, we were very pleased with Net Realty Services. They operated on the same procedures as any licensed real estate agent on commission basis. They were honest about the market, and they did what they said they would. All the documents were in order and communications were timely and to the point. I would let them sell my residence if I was in their area. Thanks! PG-Seller

76. 7/13/15-We had our timeshare since 1991 and enjoy it very much over the years. A few years ago we started thinking of selling it but did not know who to go to. We had heard all the stories of people getting taken on trying to sell theirs and we got many offers in the mail from companies that would sell ours for us. This year we decided to sell when we got our News Letter from our resort. In it they recommend Net Realty Services. We contacted them in April and it was no problem at all. In July we received our net proceeds for the sell. We were very pleased working with Net Realty Services. Bryan informed us of all that would happen and it went very smooth. We would highly recommend Net Realty Services to anyone. JH-Seller

77. 7/14/15- Ms. Suzan Cushman-Kerberg was extremely helpful and very professional. I would highly recommend Net Realty. TK-Buyer

78. 7/15/15- Our time share unit was sold efficiently, with all the paperwork done with no problems. Thanks for your great service FR-Seller

79. 7/20/15- Very professionally accomplished the closing procedures and documents. Would recommend to others. RH-Buyer

80. 7/22/15-We are happy with the honesty and warmness shown by the company in our purchasing operation. CG-Buyer

81. 7/23/15- The purchase was a seamless experience. No muss, no fuss. SB-Buyer

82. 8/10/15- The transaction was handled easily, straightforward and professionally. KC-Buyer

83. 8/13/15- It is a pleasure doing business with Net Realty Services, everyone is helpful and knowledgeable and responds in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying a timeshare. JM-Buyer

84. 8/15/15-Purchased 2nd week, great experience, have recommend to my others. TH-Buyer

85. 8/28/15-It was a breeze. Thank you for all your support. LR-Buyer

86. 8/28/15-I had a great experience purchasing my time share. it was quick and painless. Matt was extra helpful in filling my request. thanks CP-Buyer

87. 9/6/15-Good service, no problems during the entire process. AS-Seller

88. 9/18/15-My experience was straightforward, transparent and the people I dealt with all along the way were professional and courteous. DZ-Buyer

89. 9/19/15-Your company was empathetic with our desire to sell. You were 100% honest and professional and we appreciate that very much. BL&AL-Sellers

90. 10/16/15-I have enjoyed working with you since 1980. Love the Berkshire On The Ocean! KV-Buyer

91. 11/04/15-Brian was a pleasure to work with!! SR-Seller

92. 12/16/15- Overall excellent experience in negotiating a timeshare purchase and completing the closing process. Net Realty Services was easy to work with and provided needed communications along the way to make the process very comfortable. RI-Buyer

93. 12/17/15-All went well, would use again. RW-Buyer

94. 12/18/15-Very professional services. Information given and understandable to lay person.Would highly recommend net realty to others. SK-Buyer

95. 1/14/16-Excellent company to deal with when purchasing a timeshare in Florida. We received complete information about our units, the resort and the location. Net Realty Services has been a great resource for us when purchasing in the Delray Beach Area. We highly recommend them as a professional and friendly company. JB&LB-Buyer

96. 2/9/16-Great! DB-Buyer

97. 2/29/16-We received thorough information and excellent service. MS-Buyer

98. 3/28/16-Net Realty did an excellent job processing this transaction and supporting me as a seller!!!! JN-Seller

99. 3/28/16-Having been present on-site made it very easy to deal with Brian face-to-face. We loved our time at the Berkshire for 20+ years and were sorry to feel the need due to our age to rid ourselves of the time we owned. Brian was helpful...he gave us an idea of what the weeks were worth based on what was sold recently....however, when offers were made we felt he did not work for us as the seller as much as he was interested in closing a sale. Brian was very helpful in dealing with the Title company. A&NG-Seller

100. 3/29/16-Brian was very pleasant and helpful. I've worked with realtors and various realty companies in a closing company/title insurance agency capacity for approximately 27 years, and Net Realty Services was by far one of the best experiences. Brian was a "no hard sell kind of person," very honest, punctual, and accommodating. WB-Buyer

101. 3/29/16-We were very pleased with the services we received. The people we dealt with were very professional and knowledgeable. KM-Buyer

102. 4/12/16-A smooth and easy purchase process. RF-Buyer

103. 4/21/16-Happy to have one wk. sold hope to sell the other wk. quickly. JS-Seller

104. 4/24/16-Your services were both professional and timely. All on your team were considerate and helpful. I would recommend you to others without hesitation. FS-Seller

105. 6/3/16-Simply put "Great job!" MR-Buyer

106. 6/3/16-Prompt, thorough, courteous and very helpful. Four-star service! JT-Buyer

107. 6/27/16-Always one to shy away from time share "traps," Bryan Schwartz explained to me how easy it is to "get into the vacation rental" game and the easy steps to obtain a unit in the destination of my choice.  Had it not been for Bryan's patience in teaching this newbie the ins and outs of time share, I would have certainly missed out. Thank you to Bryan and the others at Net Realty Services who made my vacation "dream" come to reality! DG-Buyer

108. 6/27/16-I want to thank Richard and your staff at Net Realty Services for excellent way the sale of my unit at Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort was handeled. WM-Seller

109. 7/29/16-That said, Matt was great to work with and was always knowledgeable with his answers and quick to respond to my calls and emails.  He did a great job. I feel that we over-priced our property to begin with but think we ended at a good asking price at the point we sold it. SKB-Seller

110. 7/29/16-Professional,Exceptional customer service,Honest,Accurate,Delightful to deal with,Most responsive,Kudos to this team. MR-Buyer

111. 8/13/16-Thank you very much for your excellent service.  My emails were always answered very quickly and professionally.  I felt confident that you were looking out for my best interests.  I would highly recommend your services. SS-Seller

112. 9/13/16-Thank you, everything went smooth and fast! I appriciate your follow up on every step in the process. Looking forward to working with you again. TR-Buyer

113. 10/18/16-Good follow up with the questions we had. FJ-Buyer

114. 11/25/16-cool. LB-Seller

115. 12/11/16-In the world of time shares, I've never had a greater pleasure than working with the folks at Net Realty Services and their affiliated title company. I've never been subjected to any pushy hard sell techniques.  My experiences have always been forthright, honest, helpful, and complete.DB-Buyer

116. 2/22/17-Matt did an exceptional job. I was aware of every step.FS-Buyer

117. 2/27/17-Great service provided by Bryan and his team. SM-Buyer

118. 5/10/17-We have made several purchases using Net Realty and have always been impressed with the care and customer service that we receive. Our phone calls are returned quickly and we receive thorough answers to our questions.We have found Net Realty to be responsive and informative about the properties that we are interested in.  MS-Buyer

119. 5/19/17-Net Realty is excellent.  We sold our timeshare and purchased another.  The process was seamless, accurate and fast.  Very happy with our service.  We would highly recommend. KS-Seller and Buyer

120. 6/7/17-The  SCHWARTZ TEAM is Excellent - personable & professional..& patient ! all aspects.  Having Purchased a Delray Beach week a few years earlier through them, we naturally chose them for the sale of one of our Ft.Lauderdale weeks. We Highly Recommend Their Team !!! AF-Seller

121. 6/9/17-Mr.Schwartz handled everything in a most professional, honest and friendly manner. The sale of my timeshare was completed quickly and I am most grateful for the service rendered by Net Realty Services.DW-Seller

122. 6/26/17-All my questions were answered and I was satisfied with the service. All of the staff was helpful. MR-Seller

123. 7/25/17-We met with Net Realty Services staff regarding La Boca Casa in Boca Raton Florida.  The staff attended one of our regular Monday meet and greets and gave us an update on how they planned to sell more weeks within our location.  We found the staff to be very straightforward, informative and understanding of our questions and concerns.  When we decided to purchase additional time Net Realty was very quick and responded well to our inquiries.  They were great to deal with!!!! JM-Buyer

124. 8/24/17-I made my first purchase through NET Reality in 1995. Since that time I have received excellent service from the Schwartz family and their associates. I am truly a satisfied customer. AS-Buyer

125. 8/29/17-Bryan explained everything clearly and the transaction was Very easy.  Thank You, and it was a pleasure dealing with all of You.. MB-Buyer

126. 9/5/17-Very professional courteous service. BM-Seller

127. 9/27/17-This transaction was smooth and effortless. Net Realty Services took great care of us! TL-Buyer

128. 11/15/17-It was great to discover Net Realty! They were very informative and professional with the the entire transaction. Starting with the listing, moving through the sale to closing, they were 1st class. Always there for questions and knowledgeable about the all aspects. I met with Brian and it was a pleasure to deal with someone who made time to speak with me. The closing was well done. The title company was always there for questions and answers as well. It went very smoothly. I would recommend Net Realty for any sale. Their marketing platform is on point. Never had to worry as they handle everything.Thanks again for the help! JKL-Seller

129. 11/24/17-Everything was fine with one exception. I had been advised twice that my net proceeds would be about $1,649. Instead, they were about $100 less. I decided not to make a full about this, but it did leave a sour taste in my mouth. IS-Seller

130. 1/17/18-Very professional and prompt service. We have purchased four different units and all of our experiences have been excellent. PV-Buyer

131. 3/1/18-Efficent and professional from viewing the unit until final closing.Would highly recomend Net Realty. RR-Buyer

132. 3/2/18-On my third day  and 3rd  annual  visit to the  Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.  I received the Net Realty weekly special sale listings of Time share properties within the hotel, one  caught my eye.  I met with Bryan in his Lobby office and he gave me all the details, he took me on a tour of the property by the end of my week stay I was a time share owner, Bryan made it so quick and easy.   Net realty took care of all the paper work, they were friendly, knowledgeable, and  efficient.  It was a great deal, I love the hotel and try to visit annually when its available, but  now I have a standing annual December visit, my thanks to Net Realty.BW-Buyer

133. 3/16/18-This transaction was totally effortless on my part.  I really appreciate that.  Thank you Bryan. AR-Seller

134. 3/18/18-I highly recommend Net Realty Services as they are professional, responsive, and very knowledgeable.  They have earned their reputation of being honest and fair and I would use them again whether buying or selling property. MW-Buyer

135. 4/17/18-always a pleasure doing business with Net Realty services. This is the fourth time we did business together. Everything always goes smoothly with no problems to deal with. JM-Buyer

136. 4/26/18-Your services from start to finish have been excellent and very professional. We look forward to future business opportunities with your company.  Thank you! DB-Buyer

137. 5/2/18-The whole process was efficient and easy to follow.  I was contacted as to what was happening next and what to expect.Thank you. ST-Buyer 

138. 5/10/18-Net Realty has an honest and transparent approach.  We were provided with all the information we needed to make our decision. During the process of selling, they provided assistance whenever it was required. EP-Seller

139. 6/5/18-We were very pleased with Net Realty Services.GRP-Buyer

140. 6/22/18-This purchase was a breeze from the start to the finish.  We thank you for you time, patience, and service in this transaction. It was a pleasure to work with on this purchase. AA-Buyer

141. 7/17/18-Richard made our purchasing process easy and efficient.  Pleasure to work with during this process.JN-Buyer

142. 7/23/18-Thank you to the whole Net Realty Team. Great results in a difficult market. It has been a pleasure working with Richard and his competent staff. AD-Seller

143. 8/18/18-I was contacted via home phone that there was a buyer because of the low price. This was good for me because I just needed to not have to pay the maintenance fee for this unit anymore. I still have 2 weeks that we're my original weeks that I want to keep. Thanks for all your help. NC-Seller

144. 8/20/18-Easy to do business with you! FJ & DD-Seller

145. 8/29/18-Dealing with Net Realty service was a pleasant experience. The transaction was flawless. MS-Buyer

146. 8/31/18-We are very pleased and impressed with the service provided by Net Realty in the selling of our time share. Have actually listed  another week with them expecting the same great results. HP-Seller

147. 9/10/18-The staff at Net Realty Services is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They took care of absolutely everything, from beginning to end, without incident. It was, truly, a pleasure working with them. We highly recommend them!  WF/DF-Buyer

148. 9/19/18-Net Realty was great.  We sold our timeshare fairly quickly and easily.  The paperwork was easy to understand and to deal with.  Thank you! And thank you for the prayers for our North Carolina - we appreciate all the support! DE-Seller

149. 10/6/18-the guys were great..title company very professional...closing was seemless..thanks for the help! BW-Buyer

150. 10/20/18-Richard and Matt Schwartz were very professional.  They both returned my phone calls answered any questions I had, they were both great to deal with.Thank You. D&MG-Seller

151. 1/8/19-Matt and Bryan were extremely helpful in the sale of our units. Our sale was completed in a timely and professional manner.  It was especially convenient to have everything done by phone and email. Thank you!  LC -Seller

152. 1/24/19-Thanks, guys for helping us to sell our unit.  Took longer than we had anticipated but it happened.We appreciate your professionalism and knowledge of the field. RL-Seller

153. 1/24/19-Professional, easy transaction, attentive to my needs! Awesome team. JS-Buyer 153. 1/24/19-Professional, easy transaction, attentive to my needs! Awesome team. JS-Buyer

154. 1/29/19-Excellent Job, Thanks for your Help! Cant wait to spend some relaxing time in Delray! JB-Buyer

155. 1/31/19-I've done several purchases with netrealty and have always been pleased with their service!  They go above and beyond in their response to my questions in a timely manner.  I look forward to doing some more business with them in the future. DB-Buyer

156. 2/3/19-Brian and Matt were so helpful with all our questions and helping us work through the closing papers we had to sign and get back to the title company. I would and did recommend them if you are in the market to buy or sell. We really appreciated  what they did fo us. CK-Seller

157. 3/30/19-I used both services either buying and selling and my experience was beyond excellent. Both buying and selling may imply issues. Richard has always helped me through especially when it came to difficult situations and it is in those situations where his long time experience stands out and really makes the difference. He is the one I trust in real estate matters and I recommend him 100%. He is head of his very professional team and I was certainly a tricky customer/seller because I come from overseas so there were a few serious issues that he helped me overcome easily. Easily for me - not for him. Easy is easy, what starts beyond shows real excellence and he is brilliant, a real expert. Look nowhere else, your real estate matters are in great hands with him and his trusted team! AH-S

158. 4/22/19-The sale of both units went smoother and better than we could have expected. We are very happy with the service and professional way it was handled. HF-Seller

159. 7/9/19-This is undoubtedly the BEST experience. No stress. Honest. Reliable. Trustworthy. Professional. Effective and efficient. MR-Buyer

160. 7/23/19-Matt at Net Reality Services was very diligent in following up and addressing all my questions (and I had many) along the way! If there was a detail that he thought I should know he followed up right away to clarify anything. I would definitely recommend working with this team!! RS-Seller

161. 8/26/19-We go every January for 2 weeks.  We needed two extra units to accommodate my 97-year old mother and her caregiver.  We wanted to get units up high, close to us.  Matt was very helpful and competent.  I had made a mistake on the week numbers and he was exceptionally accommodating in correcting my error. CL-Buyer

162. 9/18/19-From the moment we contacted Net Realty Services, we were completely satisfied with their service.  Bryan was prompt, professional and handled all of our questions.  Our transaction went smoothly and now we look forward to using our timeshare next year! ML-Buyer

163. 10/31/19-Bryan has been wonderful with both of our weekly purchases of our timeshare. He is an excellent communicator and very efficient. We greatly appreciate him and his team! TL-Buyer

164. 11/26/19-We recently purchased another unit at this fabulous resort.  Brian was so accommodating and very easy to work with, as the initial purchase was processed while I was in Michigan. All phone calls were returned promptly and paperwork, payments and information were easily accessible fully detailed for my understanding. I would highly recommend Netrealty Services.Pam and her staff at Berkshire Beach Club offer the most professional and personable experience.  KT-Buyer

165. 11/29/19-Excellent Company to work with. Professional Operation and very helpful. RJ-Buyer

166. 11/30/19-The staff at Berkshire on the Ocean knew their stuff! They were not only helpful, but great at making it work for me. Thank you so much. SP-Buyer

167. 2/5/20-Berkshire on the Ocean offers a peaceful escape from the rigors of life, from the greetings by the front desk folks, to all of the fine people who take care of our Florida home and keep it sparkling bright to the Net Realty staff to the beautiful grounds... quite lovely. SP-Buyer

168. 3/1/20-The process was very easy. If I had any questions they were answered very quickly. Communications concerning each step of the process was easy to understand and follow. JL-Buyer

169. 3/5/20-We do not have direct access to the beach that is a problem to me for purchasing more weeks unless a good price is available. AC-Buyer

170. 4/21/20-A good experience and looking forward to spending 3 weeks in January 2021 at Sand Dunes Resort. DCG-Buyer

171. 5/27/20-It was a pleasure working with Matt. CM-Seller1

172. 6/8/20-The purchase of my time share was handled by Brian Schwartz in a very professional manner. Brian expedited all the contractual documents efficiently and answered every question in a very timely manner.A great team to do business with! DG-Buyer

173. 6/9/20-We were trying to sell our timeshare @ FLBC. We were not to confident that it would sell because it was a two bedroom in the summer. Much to our surprise and delight we got notified by Net Realty that they had a buyer who had put down a down payment.Things progressed in an orderly fashion with no hitches.We have the money promised and the necessary papers of transfer. All emails/calls were answered in a timely manner.No complaints just thankful. AS-Seller 

174. 9/23/20-I 've been a time share owner since 1995. Net Realty Services has surpassed my expectations of a realtor and broker. I own seven timeshares domestic and two timeshares international. I am experienced in working with agents in and out of this country. Net Realty Services agents are courteous, friendly, professional and honest. I highly recommend them to anyone who my need assistance in purchasing a dream of a lifetime. AS-Buyer

175. 11/3/20-This is my first time purchasing a TimeShare. I am excited to be part if this establishment. A family member has been going to this TimeShare for many years. Thank you.CA-Buyer

176. 4/2/21-All of our questions were answered promptly. Our purchase went exactly as planned. We recommend this company. CF-Buyer

177. 4/12/21-The Schwartz family is caring and knowledgeable. A super company. FS-Buyer


179. 4/19/21-Very professional and courteous. Always available for questions and information. Great to do business with a family run business. Thank you! KK-Buyer

180. 4/19/21-Brian, Matthew and Malinda were very professional in assisting us through this process.  Very efficient and timely. AN-Seller

181. 4/19/21-Purchasing additional weeks that worked with my current ownership was made totally painless to say the least.I was kept well informed and questions answered.Thank you to Matt, Bryan, and Richard. I will now have plenty of time in my "Happy Place." SP-Buyer

182. 5/12/21-I usually forego the survey but I have to say the experience of buying from Brian and Matt and the rest of the team was above expectations all the way through. Thank you and I look forward to more weeks at the resort! GW-Buyer

183. 5/31/21-All during the process of seeking the unit and week we wanted, Net Realty was there. Answering questions and going between seller and buyer with expertise ! Thank you for making this an exceptional happy experience for us. We look forward to many years at the unti ! VS-Buyer

184. 7/9/21-Net Realty rules !   They walked us through our recent purchase and moved forward with all documents in a timely manner.  They answered any questions and were readily available when needed.  Thank you for the super communication and making our purchase so easy ! We are hoping for many many happy family times at a place we surely love ! VS-Buyer

185. 8/14/21-As a first time timeshare purchaser, we naturally were nervous about the process and especially when one reads all the "nightmares" people have with them. What a treat it was to deal with Net Realty. Bryan took extended time with us on the phone answering any and all questions, and he was extremely knowledgeable and frankly professional. We felt in good hands through the entire process with them and with the Wilkinson Title Agency they use to handle the closing and transfer of deed. We are looking forward to using our timeshare next March and would highly recommend Bryan and the rest of the team at Net Realty Services! JM-Buyer

186. 9/3/21-Our second purchase through Net Realty Services.  We highly recommend them! MB-Buyer

187. 9/9/21-Bryan and Matt were extremely helpful and walked me through the whole process. Patient, and understanding. Would highly recommend them.Thanks guys. RB-Buyer

188. 11/9/21-Very happy with the entire process. Was kept well informed formed from start to finish. The closing process went smooth and in a timely manner. With the questionable timeshare operations out there this was refreshing.Thank You. RM-Seller

189. 11/11/21-Matt provided excellent info and advice to help us sell our timeshare.  He was very responsive to any texts or phone calls.  We would definitely use Net Realty Services again, and highly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a timeshare. ES-Seller

190. 11/29/21-Matt was great, he responded quickly to queries and explained everything clearly. A consummate professional. We are delighted with our purchase. A wonderful service. Thank you Matt. KC-Buyer

191. 1/06/22-I was contacted directly from your sales team about a unit available the following week I own and was excited to be able to purchase as this makes my stay longer to enjoy! Your team was very thorough about costs and timelines for this completed purchase. All my questions were answered by qualified sales people. They contacted me multiple times to make sure I was understanding my contract and wanted to make sure I did not need anymore information. My Deed was sent to me exactly as they told me and the same timeline they discussed. Very pleased! I am excited to get my extra week in the same Unit I had already owned for 10 years!! JY-Buyer

192. 1/11/22-We have had the pleasure of purchasing from NetRealty Services over the years and have always had an excellent experience.  It is an outstanding company to work with when purchasing a timeshare.  Always dependable and knowledgeable about the units and resorts. LB-Buyer 

193. 1/24/22-This was the easiest time share purchase I have made. BP-Buyer

194. 3/10/22-We were connected to Net Realty Services through VRI Resorts. We own several weeks on the Gulf Coast of Florida and were interested in a spring week in South Florida.From our initial inquiry, we were extremely impressed. Bryan Schwartz contacted us to discuss our interests.Bryan provided us with many resort options, current special listings and resort/area information.Bryan exemplified what great customer service is all about. Professionalism, timely correspondence, but most importantly a great, friendly attitude.We are 100 percent pleased with the service Bryan and Net Realty Services provided.We will recommend and promote them by all means possible. We'll buy again.J&DR-Buyer

194. 3/22/22-Special thanks to Matt Schwartz for contacting us and providing the information to sell our timeshare.  Everything worked out as Matt projected.  Again thanks!  DA-Seller

195. 3/23/22Excellent and prompt service. AL-Seller

196. 4/30/22 Throughout our purchase of multiple timeshare units at Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, Bryan, Matt and the rest of the team at Net Realty Services provided timely and accurate information and services.  Their association with Wilkinson Title Agency helped make the closing process both efficient and accurate, while at a very reasonable cost. Without hesitation, we can highly recommend Net Realty Services. FC-Buyer

197. 5/26/22 The ?For Sale? process is very open as we have seen for the past three years.  The bidding was handled efficiently and the sale process proceeded efficiently, too.  Very pleased. RF-Buyer

198. 6/3/22 I love Hollywood Sands! Now I am going to be an owner thanks to Net Realty.  Great service. Very happy with my purchase.TB-Buyer

199. 6/13/22 I would like to personally thank Mathew And Net Realty for your excellent service.TM-Buyer

200. 6/14/22I was quite impressed with Mathew? Service and attention to detail and keeping me informed. I thank you for excellent service.WR-Seller

201. 7/01/22 Our second purchase at BerkshireontheOcean using Net Realty. It went as easily and smoothly as anyone could expect with absolutely no problems. Complete transaction accomplished without any inconvenience or misunderstanding. We highly recommend Net Realty. MB-Buyer

202. 11/28/22 The sale of our weeks went swiftly and smoothly.DP-Seller

203. 12/06/22 We had gotten to a point in our life that we were no longer going to travel and needed to sell our time share. Everything was very easy, and I am very grateful for their help in getting this completed. AD-Seller

204. 01/30/23 Very fast service and excellent response time! KDK-Buyer

205. 02/07/23 NetRealty is The Best partners when selling or purchasing timeshare units.  They have helped us for many years and have always been professional in our transactions. It has been a pleasure doing business with the entire team at the company.  Thank you for another successful closing.LB-Seller

206. 03/14/23 Very good service for for selling and buying! FJ-Seller

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